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Free audio: 10 things to do right now to promote yourself and your business

How to get yourself out there

All my clients ask me the same question: 'How do I become better known for what I do?'. 

They all want to build their profile, secure publicity for their business and become better known for what they do.

The thing is, if you just focus on 'Getting Yourself Out There', you'll end up getting nowhere.

You've got to be more specific when it comes to promotion. Where exactly is there? And what are the exact steps you can take to understand the sort of promotion you need and then ensure you get it.

In this free 45 minute audio, I'll show you SIX different levels of promotion and share with you more than TEN steps you can take IMMEDIATELY to get yourself out there in a powerful, strategic and effective way.

About Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Natasha is a digital marketing and PR strategist and the author of bestselling book 'The Million Dollar Blog'. Natasha runs digital marketing campaigns, as well as providing mentoring and training, to clients including celebrities, private health care clinics, stately homes and authors.

'No stone goes unturned; Natasha is a force of nature, thoroughly efficient and effective. If you’re looking for a captain to help you navigate website design or promotions – look no further – you’ve found your (wo)man.'

Cerys Matthews