Video For Brand Cheatsheet

How To Make Video Work For Your Brand


You must have noticed video is everywhere. If your website for your business (whether it's a personal brand based business, a services business, a bricks & mortar business or an ecommerce business) doesn't use video, and you're not using video on social media, you're missing out on a proven, dynamic and engaging way of showing your customers what you are all about and getting them to engage with you.

My cheatsheet will help you get started and make your videos more effective.

What you'll learn

Video openings

The single most important thing to understand about your video openings especially when using video on social media platforms.

Best practise

4 quick and easily tips to improve your videos right now.

Different types of video

How to be creative and use different types of effects to make your videos stand out.


About Natasha

Natasha is an entrepreneur, author, digital & visibility strategist. 

As a former newspaper journalist and publicist, and then having started, grown and sold her own online business, Natasha understands how to harness the power of digital and traditional media to dramatically increase visibility and opportunity. 

Natasha regularly talks about digital transformation, strategy & SMEs in public and in the media. She is an accredited trainer for Facebook's She Means Business campaign and runs a digital marketing agency which specialises in video Facebook ads. 

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"No stone goes unturned; Natasha is a force of nature, thoroughly efficient and effective. If you’re looking for a captain to help you navigate website design or promotions – look no further – you’ve found your (wo)man.

Cerys Matthews

"Web genius"

"Tash is a web genius." 

Jeremy Vine

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